magdelena and garnet's
beautiful santa fe wedding


"Thank you for helping us create a wedding so beautiful, so meaningful and most importantly something so true to who we are and the relationship that we have. Thank you for your patience, kind words and wisdom."

--Megan and Tyler, Philadelphia

"I want to thank you for the beauty of the ceremony you conducted for me last spring. In the midst of personal turmoil and sadness, your warmth, knowledge and humanity brought about the realization that I was not alone. The thoughtfulness of the ritual - so woven into the fabric of all human drama and life - and the tenderness with which you conducted it, enabled me to feel one with the rhythms and passages of time."

Thank you, best, janet. (Philadelphia)

custom crafted wedding ceremonies

keren creates and officiates unique wedding ceremonies, in and around santa fe, traveling around the country and, at times, in israel. she offers custom designed and fully co-created ceremonies based in universal spiritual principles or connected to the hebrew/jewish lineage. keren offers her clients a wide range of styles and elements of ritual enabling her to fulfill the visions of many different types of individuals, to create a ceremony that is meaningful and a true reflection of the couple's love, intention and spirituality.
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Colorado mountain wedding officiation 2004

keren's life-cycle rituals flow with an inimitable type of artistry, emanating from a wealth of experience in the performing arts, both on the stage and in behind-the-scenes production elements. she remains independent of any institutional affiliations and works in close collaboration with each individual she serves to co-create personalized, artistic and spiritual life-cycle ceremonies.

weddings at our retreat center in the mountains outside of glorious santa fe, new mexico are rustic, sweet and largely out-of-doors on ancient native sacred lands. interested in a destination wedding? learn more about a deva lands sanctuary wedding with my officiation at

authentic ceremony
for all of life's milestone occasions:

  • baby namings
  • house blessings
  • relationship transitions
  • weddings
  • adulthood rites of passage
  • bar/bat mitzvah
  • grieving and loss
  • memorial ceremonies
  • career transitions
  • and per client requests

keren's unique approach to ceremony...

as humanity is evolving toward world- culture and embracing a universal spirituality, the religious and other codified lineages feel foreign to many. With keren's guidance, we can access our primal knowings of prayer and ceremony, and experience an immediate and relevant alchemy. The innate is more ancient than dogma or religion, and less finite.

  • for life transitions, healing, passages, guidance & intention setting
  • including prayer, movement, music, & interaction with natural elements.
  • co-created with the client and performed either in an individual or group setting.

"keren helped us to create a wedding ceremony and celebration full of meaning and joy. all of the jewish cultural influences were heartfelt by our guests, who one year later are still giving high praises to the details of our special day. it was a unique, spiritual and beautiful wedding, unlike one that anyone had ever experienced. thank you for our wonderful day!"

--elke and bill, colorado

"...i love the way you lead ceremony. there is a certain fearlessness you exude in your approach and practice that is refreshing and seemingly filled with love for everything.

good for you, and good for everyone whom you reach out to; you have a gift which shines very brightly."

--anonymous, santa fe


omana'ya center
keren khaya abrams, omana'ya

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